Session 2: Pre-Session Microlearning

Session 2 Homework: Share Your Own Situation Map

★ First, choose a protected area you’re working on.

★ List out and address the Five Considerations:

1 Scale 2 People and Governance 3 Resilience to What 4 Resilience of What 5 Drivers and Trends
Situation maps vary in complexity and detail, but the key components are:They may also include:
★ The focal scale and the central issue(s)
★ The parties and stakeholders involved
★ The key relationships pertaining to the environment 
★ Unique social or cultural considerations
★ Procedures or behaviors
★ Party orientations of the various actors
★ What resources are available
★ The flow of power and influence 

★ Draw the elements and relationships or interdependencies between them. This can be done with a piece of paper and pen/pencil. You might try a few drafts before finding a map that best represents your understanding of the situation. Click here, to view a video of Keith Bosak drawing a situation map in real time.

Take a picture of the map with your cell phone and upload it to this forum as a new topic, along with a brief explanation of how you developed your map. Remember to check back in and comment on 1-2 of the other situation maps!

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