Session 4: Pre-Session Microlearning

To access the Session 4 Microlearning Module, click the “Begin” button below. This should take you about 20-30 minutes to complete. Remember to click the “Mark Complete” button below to move on!

Before you finish your microlearning module, remember to note or print out your reflections!

Session 4 Homework: Adaptive Governance Word Cloud

★ Now that you have a basic understanding of what adaptive governance is, let’s work together to define some of the key concepts surrounding it. After you click the link below, think about the following prompt: What is a key word you’d use to descript adaptive governance?

Click here to be brought to the online word cloud generator. Once you open the link, simply type your words in the box and click submit. You can refresh the page and submit as many words as you’d like!

Session 4 Homework: Sharing Your Scenario Plan

★ Looking back at what you learned in the Session 3 Microlearning and Live Session, we’d like you to submit the scenario plan you’ve been working on. Please submit an exploratory scenario as well as an aspirational scenario.

Click here to be brought to a discussion forum where you can upload and share your scenario plans. Be sure to check out others areas as well ahead of Live Session 4!