Letting Nature Lead Series

Letting Nature Lead is designed as an interactive resource for protected area professionals who want to gain state of the art knowledge on the big picture concepts surrounding protected areas and protected area management. LNL is a set of four micro learning modules that can be taken sequentially or individually. Each module covers a set of concepts relating to protected area management. These include social-ecological approaches, resilience, adaptive approaches to protected area planning and management, and community engagement. The modules include instruction, activities and resources.

You can find the series syllabus here. Additional reading materials can also be found in our resources page.

Below you will see each of the four sessions laid out. Each has a pre-session microlearning course to complete. You will also find the live session information and recording below the microlearning. Please remember to click “Complete” after each activity to move on to the next!

Course Content

Session 1: Thinking Like a System
Session 2: Building an Adaptive Paradigm
Session 3: Adaptive Planning and Management
Session 4: Governance, Communities and Resilience