Protected Area Beyond Border Network

Protected Areas Beyond Border Network

Purpose, mission, and vision

The Protected Areas Beyond Border (PABB) network was formed to bring protected area professionals together and share the large amount of experience and knowledge related to protected areas that the International Seminar on Protected Area Management alumni have, but is not being shared or disseminated.
The vision of the Protected Areas Beyond Border network is to build a global network around protected area management that promotes collaboration beyond borders.

The mission of the Protected Areas Beyond Border network is to increase capacity and share solutions for effective protected area management, while eliminating barriers to knowledge and resource sharing at a global scale.

The objectives of the Protected Areas Beyond Border network:

  1. Facilitate collaboration processes that bring practitioners together to share experiences, analyze challenges, and propose solutions to complex problems
  2. Develop avenues for individuals to connect
  3. Be a forum for discussion and sharing
  4. Expose members to new developments(?) in protected area management topics as well as related natural resource topics outside of protected areas
  5. Provide opportunities for professional development
  6. Promote cultural exchange
  7. Build communities of practice around specific protected area issues/problems
  8. Empower and support practitioners

PABB members

Participants of the network include alumni from the International Seminar on Protected Area Management (ISPAM) since 2000. Participants engage in the network by accessing the PABB Facebook Group, acting on the Steering Committee, or taking part in events. For a list of current and past participants and their profiles, go to our Member Profiles page.

Access this Interactive map of participants of ISPAM and other USFS-IP seminars to gain a wider perspective of the PABB network.

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Want to be part of the PABB Steering Committee? Let us know here.