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Adaptive Governance and Resilience

Adaptive Governance: An Introduction, and Implications for Public Policy

This paper is the first of four papers on adaptive governance. It provides a brief overview of the history of the concept, the distinguishing features of the literature, and key insights provided for economists and policy advisors.

Adaptive Governance: Learning From What Organizations do and Managing the Role They Play

This study considers the adaptive mechanisms of organizations and reflects on the roles of organizations to enhance adaptive governance in communities and societies.

Adaptive Governance of Social-Ecological Systems

This review explores the social dimension that enables adaptive ecosystem-based management. It highlights experiences of adaptive governance of social-ecological systems during periods of crisis and investigates social sources of renewal and reorganization.

A Decade of Adaptive Governance Scholarship: Synthesis and Future Directions

This article presents a chronology of major scholarship on adaptive governance, synthesizes efforts to define the concept and identifies the array of governance concepts associated with transformation toward adaptive governance.

Powerless Spectators, Coping Actors, and Adaptive Co-managers: a Synthesis of the Role of Communities in Ecosystem Management

This is a synthesis of the papers in the Special Issue, the Communities Ecosystems and

Livelihoods component of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA), and other recent publications on the adaptive capacity of communities and their role in ecosystem management. Three broad categories of adaptive communities are identified: “powerless spectator” communities, “coping actor” communities, and “adaptive manager” communities.