ISPAM Resources

Collaboration and Partnerships

Collaborative Management Partnership Toolkit

This toolkit provides resources to create effective partnerships that promote protected area conservation and inclusive development. The kit includes the role of CMPs, steps for establishing CMPs, highlights environmental and social issues, and touches on recommendations for future work. The toolkit summarizes lessons learned from African countries that have implemented these partnerships and how they can be applied globally.

Supported by the Global Environmental Facility and developed by the World Bank.

The Importance of Partnerships for Effective Protected Area Management

This book chapter highlights the evolution of various forms of partnerships using projects in Laos and the Western Balkans as case studies. For successful and effective protected area management, this research promotes needing a clear vision for goals and building lasting cooperation between partners through effective communication.

Public - Private Partnership Governance for Accessible Tourism in Marine Protected Areas

This article applies a case-study methodology to investigate public-private partnership governance as a managerial tool that allows cooperation and can support the development of accessible tourism objectives.

Tourism Partnerships in Protected Areas: Exploring Contributions to Sustainability

This article explores how important sustainability outcomes (i.e. improved biodiversity conservation and greater respect for culture, heritage, and/or traditions) of partnerships are to their members, how well they are realized, and the features of partnerships leading to their success.

Transnational Partnerships, Domestic Institutions, and Sustainable Development. The Case of Brazil and the Amazon Region Protected Areas Program

This article examines the role of institutions in mediating the interface between global challenges, transnational partnerships and the domestic politics of sustainable development.