ISPAM Resources

Planning and Management Frameworks

Guidelines For Management Planning Of Protected Areas (Iucn, 2003)

An IUCN publication guiding planning processes and options to involve the local communities.

A Step-By-Step Protected Area Management Planning Process

This book chapter presents guidelines and descriptions for phases in the management planning process, including: the Desired State Objectives Hierarchy process, a decision support system, Park zoning and expansion plans, and reflections.

Protected Areas Planning Manual (Ontario, Canada)

This publication from the province of Ontario, in Canada, identifies the policy foundation for planning local protected areas. The manual describes the planning process as an ongoing cycle of collecting and analyzing information, decision-making, monitoring and evaluating. It outlines minimum process and content requirements for preparing management direction.

Visitor Use Management Framework. A Guide To Providing Sustainable Outdoor Recreation

An unified framework to plan, manage and monitor outdoor recreation in public lands in the USA.

Operationalizing Sustainability In Regional Tourism Planning: An Application Of The Limits Of Acceptable Change Framework

A case study in Texas, USA of the application of the Limits of Acceptable Change framework, and its impacts on tourism planning.