ISPAM Resources

Visitors and Tourism

Sustainable Turism Resolution (UN), 2022

This United Nations resolution (2022) recognized the importance of sustainable and resilient tourism for eradicating poverty and protecting the environment. The document highlights sustainable and inclusive economic growth, the health and well-being of traditional communities, the importance of investing in education and capacity building in the sector, and positive impacts of tourism on livelihoods and education.

Tourism and visitor management in Protected Areas. Guidelines for sustainability (IUCN), 2018

These Guidelines provide guidance on key issues to help managers achieve sustainable tourism in protected areas, contributing to conservation objectives. These Guidelines introduce essential concepts of tourism and visitor management in protected areas through the discussion of Principles of Tourism and Visitor Management; Best Practices; and Study Cases, which provide real-world examples.

Visitor use management framework. A guide to providing sustainable outdoor recreation (2016)

This adaptive management framework provides guidance and a decision-making process on four major elements for analyzing and managing visitor use on federally managed lands and waters: (1) build the foundations for decisions (purpose, need, legislation) (2) define visitor use management directions (desired considering, indicators, etc.); (3) Identify management strategies and actions, including monitoring; (4)implement, monitor, evaluate and adjust your plan.

Guide to sustainable tourism in Protected Areas, 2012

This brochure presents principles for sustainable tourism in the Baltic Sea Region, following the guidelines established by the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas.