ISPAM Resources

Community Engagement

Beyond Outreach Handbook

This handbook assists National Park Service (NPS) managers and their partners to develop programs that successfully connect diverse communities with their local national parks. It guides practitioners through an assessment that identifies gaps in readiness and informs the development of an effective engagement strategy.

Developed by the National Park Service Conservation Study Institute.

Diversifying Local Livelihoods while Sustaining Wildlife - Exploring Incentives for Community-based Conservation

This report is an exploration of models that support wildlife conservation on community lands and which could be potentially applied to diversify community income in Southern and East Africa.

Researched by the Institute for International Environment and Development and the IUCN CEESP/SSC Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group. Funded by the Luc Hoffmann Institute and WWF-Norway.

Perceived Barriers to and Drivers of Community Participation in Protected-area Governance

This paper explores who participates in PA governance associations and why; perceived benefits and costs to participation; and how costs and benefits are distributed within and between communities in Madagascar.

Protected Areas and Local Communities: an Inevitable Partnership toward Successful Conservation Strategies?

This article uses a meta-analysis to identify what key factors lead to better compliance with PA conservation policies in developing countries and argues the case for greater inclusion of local communities in management as a key strategy.

Public Participation in Protected Area Management Best Practice Project

This report identifies best/good practices in public participation in protected area management and provides examples of participation techniques and performance indicators for the various participation levels. The report also provides case studies and recommendations for agencies wishing to adopt a best practice approach to public participation in protected area management.

Prepared by the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory.